About Us

GPR Ventures is a privately held real estate investment firm. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, GPR has four offices on the West Coast.

Formed in 2011 by Glen Yonekura and Phillip Rolla, GPR Ventures provides value-add investment vehicles that achieve risk-adjusted returns.

To date, GPR has acquired over 158 industrial, multifamily, and office buildings across 49+ different projects. The portfolio totals over 4,311,000 square feet of leasable space and 53 acres of industrial and mixed-use residential land. Since March 2021, GPR began its multifamily program and has acquired 249+ units across four Western states. GPR owns property in eight states: California, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Our Mission

GPR Ventures specializes in acquiring single and multi-tenant industrial and multifamily residential assets throughout the western United States. The company offers deep acquisition-to-disposition expertise and is well known for fostering long-term relationships with brokers, investors, and banks. Through quick decision-making and experienced leadership, GPR Ventures rebrands value-add portfolios, maximizes investor return, and continues to increase its footprint into new markets throughout the West.


  • Optimize Asset Value
    Our capital improvements and management expertise immediately boost the net value of under-performing assets.
  • Decrease Risk / Increase Return
    Implementing cost-effective capital improvements, increasing occupancy and employing best-in-class management strategies result in higher, disproportionate rates of return.
  • Analysis. Strategy. Execution.
    Quantitative market analysis, precise financial modeling, detailed planning, and effective execution yield significant and consistent results.


  • Investor Base
    Our core capital investment capacity is derived from select, well-informed high-net-worth individuals and families, providing a solid foundation for our active acquisition strategy.
  • Professional Network
    Meticulously cultivated relationships with real estate market professionals, legal experts, architects and builders provide a distinct advantage by delivering select investment opportunities before reaching the open market.
  • Experience & Knowledge
    Diligence, decisiveness, and dedication among seasoned real estate professionals form an aggregate knowledge base from more than 40 years of experience, creating exceptional value and a distinct competitive advantage.


  • Consistency
    A fully developed yet dynamic process from acquisition through disposition, plus strict investment guidelines, builds trust and fortifies our reputation.
  • Adherence to Principles
    Application of definitive investment criteria and clearly distinguished business principles, allow for both an agile and secure business practice.
  • Commitment
    Individual commitment to each investor and their bestowed trust are the foundation of every GPR Ventures project, and the key to long-term success.